Dream Opening and Intuitive Guidance Sessions

"Our souls and bodies speak to us in images and emotions through our dreams."



The session is for people who sense the necessity of their dream and the need to unfold it.

Session Intention:


The aim of this 90 minutes session is to restore the connection between your body, soul, heart and mind and to open the dream in a deep and an individual way. it will guide you into a realisation and a closer sensation to the answer.

This technique is helping you to catch your own inner voice for inspiration and revelation and to uncover the images and  the sensation in a simple, yet transformative way.


Your dream has the graceful guidance that you can utilise in any field of the following:


Work- Career

Unhealthy Relationships - Partnerships

Important Choices

Creative Blockage

Nightmares and intense dreams



Session Environment:


It’s sacred and intimate environment.

Your dream will be dealt with grace and compassion.

You will be supported to take tangible actions in daily life based on the messages your authentic self is sending to you.



Guidance Notes:


- It is highly recommended to write your dream the moment you wake up and to include all the images, colours, emotions and people you see in the dream. Write down everything you remember because everything means something.


- Usually it is an intense session that you don't need to do it everyday or every week or even every month.


- If you want to book an intuitive dream opening session with us but you don’t remember your dream; send us a message via the contact form and we will assist you through it.



*Available in English and Arabic.

* 100 Euro per 90 minutes sessions.

* The session takes place only on Wednesday's and the next available session is on the 1st of December 2021.

* It is online via Zoom.

* Payments via Paypal or Bank Transfer through Misr Bank for Egypt or Online Bank for Europe.