An International award winning Film Director, Script Writer, Camera-person and Producer for her acclaimed debut 'Khartoum Offside' and acclaimed short fiction films 'A game' and 'One week, Two days'

Currently developing her first feature fiction film ' Lily's Mecca‘. which is awarded for development grant from the prestigious Göteborg Film Festival 2021.

Zein quitted studying Chemical engineering in Cairo University to study Cinema in Academy of arts in Cairo, Egypt 2005. Graduate with an honorable mention 2009. Obtained her master's degree in Film and Media Arts from Kunstschule Für Medien 'KHM' in Köln Germany 2021.

Since November 2021, started teaching film in The SRH Berlin university of applied sciences.


Parallel to her successful film career, Zein is establishing a new path as a learner and practitioner of healing techniques through Imagery work, Dream reading, Energy guidance and Somatic Experience.

In addition to directing thoughts and feelings in film, she is passionate about directing the energy of thoughts and feelings in healing.

Since 2019 she has been learning the Saphire® method in the school of Image and studying S.E. since May 2021.

She is embracing the intersection between film and healing while leaning on spirituality as the core of her own life path. 

Born in Mecca. She carries original Nubian/Sudanese roots and Bedouin-Egyptian upbringing mixed with a European one; which makes her a true no mad or citizen of the world.

Art Grants & Residencies 

Goteborg Film Fund

Sweden 2021

IDFA Film Grant

Netherlands 2017

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture AFAC 

Lebanon 2016

Danish National Film School Mentorship

Copenhagen 2015

IMS International Media Support

Denmark 2019

Cite International des arts

Paris - France 2018


Tunis 2016

Beirut Film Station Residency 

Lebanon 2016

Berlin Talent Campus 

Berlin 2009

Durban Talent Campus 

South Africa 2013

The 15th Africa Movie

Academy Awards AMAA 2019

Carthage International Film Festival JCC TV5 Monde 2019

Awards & Prizes

Best Documentary award in FCAT

Spain 2019

Best Short Film Award Rwanda Film Festival 

Rwanda 2017

Quibdo Africa Film Festival

Columbia 2020

ASA Awards

USA 2020

Special Mention Award at Malmo Arab FF Sweden 2019

Best Short Fiction Ismailia

International Film Festival

Egypt 2010

Best Short Film Award National Egyptian Film Festival

Egypt 2009

Words Of Others

Dorothee Wenner

Berlinale Forum programmer

Marwa Zein’s debut is at once cinematic proof of the power of female

friendship and a Sudanese filmmaker’s concerted effort to rectify stereotypical perceptions of her country.

Giona A. Nazzaro

Visions du reel programmer

Marwa Zein’s debut is a brave film that asks important questions with

great visual flair. It succeeds at exploring different layers of reality while opening all the time new possibilities of interaction with the world. A highly political and poetical work.


ACT Film programmer

The more I think about Khartoum Offside, the more it impresses me. While there is much to praise in its polish and cinematic professionalism, what is striking is its unusual and unique insights, most of which are affecting me on the visual level. This film is the sort of doc film I like in that it does what it does in an underdetermined manner, e.g., less a result of a direct commentary but through a network of patterns, emphasis, and quiet—but powerful--subtleties.