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Dream Opening and Intuitive Guidance

فتح الحلم والتوجيه الحدسي

الجلسات عبر الإنترنت
Online Sessions

"Our souls and bodies speak to us in images and emotions through  our dreams."


"أرواحنا وأجسادنا تخاطبنا بالصور والعواطف من خلال أحلامنا".

Sometimes it is the only way of communication with us ; at night when darkness shed it's own sacred light upon us and whisper in our deep selves some guidance about where we stand, what blocks our energy, what needs to be changed, what yearns to be accepted and what is lingering inside our bodies but no longer serve us.

             أحيانًا تكون هذه هي الطريقة الوحيدة للتواصل معنا ؛ في الليل عندما يلقي الظلام ضوءه المقدس علينا ويهمس في أعماق أنفسنا بعض الإرشادات حول المكان الذي نقف فيه ، وما الذي يعوق طاقتنا ، وما الذي يجب تغييره ، وما الذي يتوق إلى القبول وما هو باقٍ داخل أجسادنا ولكن لم يعد خدمتنا.

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Axia Benelli

I didn't expect it to be so deep, it was eye-opening experience for me ! 

Bettina Grau

What I gained is away of understanding to my own soul messages that it seems so impossible to understand, I was wrong. It is actually possible!

Topher Cyers

It is a privilege to listen to these divine insights and I really appreciate how compassionate and committed Marwa is through the session and the repair she does after the dream opening itself. it is really transforming and not that easy at all.