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Autumn humbles me

Autumn humbles me..

reminds me of my fragmentations. Whispers my fears with its wind, triggers my hidden feelings and allows me to witness my duality.

Even my breath seems present. In the beginning I resist it. I inhale some air in but somehow, on its way out, it is not easing me as I expected. I keep turning my back on my heart. Moving away again and again..

if I could, I would keep my body still and I would slow down my thoughts. If I could, I would flip the page and erase the letters.

Yes, now I think I am holding my self together. Nothing can break this barrier. I am alert again but cold.

With each moment, a single leaf waves goodbye to the known, I notice the beauty of movement. I can see the ease of surrender. But It is not me, it is just the leaf.

The more I look, the more I feel. I am holding on to something that I can't really keep. The more I feel, the more I listen. My pain is alive no matter how much I close my eyes. The more I listen, the more I believe.

I am just a stream.

Shall I let my feelings go.. Shall I leave room to grow.. Shall I liberate my tears and flow..

And just like that, I can't help but kneeling down.

My body no longer cares.

Harmony is whats missing.

One of me falls next to my past me's on the ground. I look at them closely and I smile while tasting the salt of my body. Suddenly it doesn't feel like falling. It is flying down to the cave of my root.

One of me is just coming home.

Autumn humbles me..

Reminds me of death while still alive so I thrive Promises the truth of rebirth in my being Triggers my heart to receive love again Allows change to happen and trust that nothing was-is in vain.


Image was taken in France - Fontainebleau 2017 part of an amazing collaboration with Claire De Colombel.

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